Theodosii Spassov

UNESCO / Theodosii Spassov, UNESCO Artist for Peace

Born in 1961 in the Bulgarian town of Isperih, Theodosii Spassov is an internationally renowned composer and virtuoso player of the kaval, a traditional wooden flute. He broke new ground by composing music for the kaval that brings together jazz, folk and classical music. His compositions include symphonic works as well as film music and pieces for the kaval.

Theodosii Spassov has performed with symphony orchestras and other musical ensembles in Bulgaria and around the world. He has released over 30 recordings, some of them solo performances. Theodosii Spassov has won numerous distinctions at home and abroad, including Bulgaria’s highest prize for the arts, the Golden Age Award. In 1994, Theodosii Spassov performed with Sofia Women's Radio Choir, which won a Grammy award for The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices.

He was designated as a UNESCO Artist for Peace on 16 September 2016 in recognition of his talent, his innovation in creating a unique music style and his virtuoso performance, his commitment to raise public awareness about music as a force to enhance dialogue among people, cultures and communities, as well as his profound commitment to the ideals and aims of the Organization.

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