Deeyah Khan

Photo Credit : Geir Dokken

The Norwegian film director Deeyah Khan, born to parents of Pashtun (Afghan) and Pakistani origin, was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Artistic freedom and Creativity in November 2016. This title was bestowed upon her in recognition of her commitment to promoting art as a universal language and force for development, dialogue and social cohesion, as well as for her contribution to building more just and free societies through her activities undertaken as a filmmaker.

In 2010, Deeyah Khan founded ‘Fuuse’, an independent media and arts production company that profiles stories and the voices of women, people from minorities and immigrants in order to celebrate diversity.

She also created Sister-hood, an award winning online magazine that provides a platform for women of Muslim heritage to give their opinion. She works closely with international civil society organizations, such as Freemuse, advocating for freedom of artistic expression worldwide.

In her capacity as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Deeyah Khan supports UNESCO’s activities to promote freedom of creation for artists, and the creative industries in developing countries in line with the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

In March 2017, Deeyah Khan participated in a round-table entitled “The Courage to Create: Gender Equality and the Arts” in the framework of International Women’s Day held at UNESCO Headquarters.

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