Malangatana (1936-2011)

Malangatana, UNESCO Artist for Peace

Valente Ngwenya Malangatana was born in the village of Matalana in the South of Mozambique in 1936. Renowned for his vast canvases toiles and frescos of colourful crowds, he was also recognized as a ceramicist, engraver, sculptor and poet.

After the independence of Mozambique in 1975, Malangatana received commissions for many public works, including the mural paintings of the Museum of Natural History and the Centre of African Studies at Eduardo Mondlane University. Malangatana created a fresco in Maputo during the UNESCO Conference on Culture of Peace and Governance (September 1997).

During the same year Malangatana was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace, and donated of one of his works, entitled “Youth and Peace”, to the Organization. Malangatana exhibited in many countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. His works can be seen at the National Museum of Art of Mozambique, as well as in galleries and private collections in Angola, India, Nigeria, Portugaland Zimbabwe.

Up to his death, he was the Director of the Association of the Matalana Cultural Centre, whose integrated development project is based on economic activity and social mobilization through occupational training and the creation of small businesses.

Malangatana passed away on 5 January 2011.

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