Paul Ahyi (1930-2010)

Paul Ahyi, UNESCO Artist for Peace

Born in 1930, Paul Ahyi strove to increase the world’s knowledge and appreciation of African culture. He was convinced that cultural diversity was a key to dialogue between peoples.Through his numerous artistic activities, he played a decisive role in highlighting our common ideals of diversity, tolerance and intercultural dialogue in Africa and the rest of the world.

His works, recognized not only on the African continent but throughout the world, were shown in West Africa, New York, the United Nations, Paris, the Republic of Korea, China, Canada, Italy and Japan.

In recognition of the contribution he made through his art to UNESCO’s ideals, he was designated as a UNESCO Artist for Peace on September 10, 2009.

Paul Ahyi received a number of other honors, including the Médaille d’Or des Métiers d’Arts (1961). He was also awarded with several distinctions, and was thus appointed Officer of the Mono Order in Togo (1970), Commander of the Palmes Académiques Françaises (1985) and Officer of the Arts et Lettres de France (1985). Paul Ahyi also wrote several books including “La réflexion sur l’art et la culture” and “Togo, mon cœur saigne”.

Paul Ahyi passed away on 4 January 2010.

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