Pierre Cardin

The famous French visionary couturier Pierre Cardin was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in January 1991, in recognition of his contribution to the promotion of tolerance and mutual understanding through art.

Pierre Cardin has given unwavering support to UNESCO's programs, particularly the Chernobyl program entitled "Never Again - Priority Environment", implemented in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia following the nuclear disaster of April 1986.

As UNESCO's Goodwill Ambassador, Pierre Cardin sponsored the "Six Flags of Tolerance" project, a UNESCO initiative for the United Nations Year for Tolerance in 1995. UNESCO has offered the Six Flags to each of its member States, symbolizing the spirit of tolerance.

In March 1999, he organized an elephant race in Jaipur, India, as part of the celebrations planned for the year 2000. The benefits of the event were donated to disadvantaged children in India as part of the UNESCO World Program for the Education of Children in Need.

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