Prince Twins Seven-Seven (1944-2011)

©UNESCO/Michel Ravassard
Prince Twins Seven-Seven, UNESCO Artist for Peace

Born in Nigeria in 1944, Prince Twins Seven-Seven was one of the most famous representatives of the renowned Oshogbo school of painting, which is at the heart of Yoruba civilization.

His work reflected the cosmology and mythology of Yoruba culture, depicting a fantastic universe of human figures, animals, divinities and plants. His varied style, using different techniques and astonishing materials, was the most copied in contemporary Nigerian art. A multidimensional artist, Prince Twins Seven-Seven was also recognized as a singer, musician, actor, writer and poet. His work was exposed in numerous exhibitions throughout the world, notably at France’s National Museum of Modern Art – Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. and the National Modern Art Gallery in Lagos.

Prince Twins Seven-Seven was designated as UNESCO Artist for Peace “in recognition of his contribution to the promotion of dialogue and understanding among peoples, particularly in Africa and the African Diaspora” on May 25, 2005.

Prince Twins Seven-Seven passed away on 16 June 2011.

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