Jean Malaurie

Professor Jean Malaurie, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

Professor Jean Malaurie was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in July 2007, in recognition of his commitment to environmental issues, as well as safeguarding the cultures and knowledge of the peoples of the Far North.

Professor Jean Malaurie is the first European to reach the North Pole in May 1951, leading afterwards more than 30 scientific expeditions across the Far North of Greenland to Siberia.

In his capacity as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in charge of Arctic polar issues, Professor Malaurie raises public awareness of climate change and the consequences of global warming for the indigenous peoples of the Arctic.

Professor Malaurie is involved in numerous international projects and programmes focusing on issues related to climate change and global warming. In March 2009, Professor Jean Malaurie initiated an international meeting of experts on climate change and sustainable development in the Arctic. The purpose of this meeting was to value the expected changes in the Arctic and explore the challenges to ensure the sustainable development of the region.

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