Miguel Angel Estrella

Mr Miguel Angel Estrella, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

Miguel Angel Estrella, the famous Argentinian pianist, was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in October 1989, in recognition of his commitment to promoting a culture of peace and tolerance through music.

Miguel Angel Estrella is considered as one of Argentina’s most prestigious classical pianists. He led a lifelong campaign for the popularization of music among the poorest groups in society. In 2000, Miguel Angel Estrella received the Nansen Prize, the United Nations Prize for the Three Americas.

As Founder of "Music Hope", he works to promote access to music in the most disadvantaged social sectors, in order to defend human dignity and bring together different communities. Recognized by UNESCO since 1992, Music Hope is represented throughout the world and carries out actions in more than 32 countries.

In his capacity as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Miguel Angel Estrella has given unwavering support to the victims of Chernobyl through the program "Never Again - Priority Environment", implemented in Belarus, Ukraine and in the Russian Federation following the nuclear disaster of April 1986.

In February 2004, Miguel Angel Estrella decided to sponsor "Andean cosmovision of the Kallazaya” in Bolivia and the “Oral heritage and cultural manifestations of the Zapara people” in Ecuador and Peru, both inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2008.

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