Nasser David Khalili

Professor Nasser D. Khalili, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

Professor Nasser David Khalili was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in October 2012, in recognition of his commitment to fostering intercultural dialogue, as well as his outstanding commitment to the promotion of peace through education and culture.

Professor Khalili made notable contributions to the scholarship of Islamic art, including the founding of the Nasser D. Khalili Chair of Islamic Art at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He also endowed the Khalili Research Centre for the Arts and Material Culture of the Middle East at the University of Oxford.

As Co-founder and Chair of the Maimonides Foundation, he champions the promotion of peace and intercultural dialogue between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In his capacity as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Nasser D. Khalili supports UNESCO’s major events and activities aiming to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue, as well as mutual respect and understanding among people.

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