» Salif Traoré fights against COVID-19 for Africa Day 2020
25.05.2020 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Salif Traoré fights against COVID-19 for Africa Day 2020

On 25 May, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Salif Traoré gave his support in the virtual show for WAN (Worldwide Afro Network) in collaboration with UNESCO

On May 25, Africa International Day, the African civil society and its diaspora mobilized to fight against the health and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. In this framework, the WAN, under the auspices of UNESCO, hosted a show broadcasted across African channels and social networks. 

The show gathered high-level artists from Africa and across the world to start a cross-culture and cross-generation movement. Participants in the show aimed to engage in a collective reflection on post-crisis Africa, and to raise awareness of the impact of the pandemic and the current digital transformation on the cultural sector.

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Salif Traoré, also known as A’Salfo, joined the movement by quoting the slogan “Together as one.” Goodwill Ambassador A’Salfo thus continues its commitment towards marginalized populations alongside UNESCO.

Watch a recording of the Live WAN Show here

Find out more about WAN here

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