» Tan Dun and Jean-Michel Jarre participate in World Environment Day 2020
05.06.2020 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

Tan Dun and Jean-Michel Jarre participate in World Environment Day 2020

On 5 June, the famous music composers, Tan Dun and Jean-Michel Jarre, both UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors, contributed to UNESCO’s World Environment Day in collaboration with the European Broadcast Union

Every year the United Nations celebrates World Environment Day to raise public awareness of environmental protection for the well-being of the populations and the sustainable development of the economy throughout the world.

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed how fragile our world is, and our interdependence with nature. Scientists and other experts have raised the flags on the urgent need to transform harmful processes and preserving biodiversity. 

As such, this year’s edition has been named as International Biodiversity Day, and UNESCO invites us to reflect on these issues through a series of online dialogues between experts and our networks, private sector partners and artists. 

On the occasion, the Director-General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay said: “This health crisis is a warning that we must heed collectively: we must now fundamentally rethink our relationship with the living world, with natural ecosystems and their biodiversity. Together we must construct a new pact with the living world. This is an immense work in progress. It will require a broad consensus, both technical and ethical. UNESCO is one of the places where such a consensus can be built.”

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Tan Dun participated with a video message, emphasizing our innate connection with nature and how now more than ever we must find harmony. “The art of harmony in life and the harmony within nature are the same, both involve a delicate balance. To me all lives and all things in our world are one, and we must protect this balance, protect the earth, protect ourselves.” Tan Dun further contributed with his composition “Prayer and Blessing” dedicated to all those currently suffering, including nature. 

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Jean-Michel Jarre also participated with a video message, highlighting how artists can draw attention to environmental issues through their work. Amongst his suggestions, Jarre advocated for concerts at venues which draw attention to climate change. Jarre has set the example in this framework multiple times, including holding a concert in the Sahara as part of UNESCO’s “Water for Life” campaign to draw attention to freshwater issues. 

Jean-Michel Jarre also contributed with a playlist that reflects our relationship to the environment. “Why is World Environment Day so Important? To remind us that it’s all the other days when we don’t talk about it that must be addressed if we want our children to survive.” Jarre concluded. 

Watch Tan Dun’s video message here

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