27.11.2017 - UNESCO Office in Hanoi

The Discovery Room at the Vietnamese Women Museum


Ha Noi, 27 November – A newly-renovated Discovery Room at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum invites children and their families to learn about fun and useful facts about gender, sex and child protection. As part of UNESCO’s Gender Equality and Girl’s Education Initiative in Viet Nam, the Discovery Room is an interactive platform which aims to raise awareness and provide a friendly environment for learning gender-related issues, and seeks to complement efforts of parents and teachers in teaching children about gender and sex education.

In the opening ceremony of the Discovery Room on 23 November, UNESCO Representative to the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Michael Croft thanked the Initiative’s implementing partners including the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, its team members and volunteers  for their collaborative efforts in facilitating the renovation and conceptualization of the Room’s educational functions, as well as the Bangalore-based foundation How to Tell Your Child for providing related learning materials. The games, toys, books, photos and videos (with English and Vietnamese translations) inside the Discovery Room were put together to create a conducive and gender-sensitive space for self-directed and experiential learning.

“It is an added value and a great opportunity for the Discovery Room to be housed in the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. We believe that by nature, museums are powerful social educational institutions where norms and values are constructed and reconstructed, shaping public behaviour, attitudes and practices”, said Mr Croft as he addressed the museum staff, students, teachers, parents, and embassy representatives who were present in the ceremony.

The Discovery Room is open daily at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi. Admission is free of charge.

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