18.10.2018 - UNESCO Office in Hanoi

UNESCO announces a new partnership with Coca-Cola using arts and creativity to raise recycling awareness


Ha Noi, 17 October 2018. UNESCO announced a new partnership with Coca-Cola Vietnam and its development partners in Ha Noi with a view to reduce plastics and solid waste in Viet Nam for a “World without Waste”. Hosted in the Green One UN Building in Ha Noi, the event is a special occasion to link up all active UN agencies, government bodies and relevant development partners, private sector, local NGOs and young Vietnamese activists and students with collective actions.

During the event, representatives from UNESCO and British Council shared their new initiatives in recycling and waste management in collaboration with Coca-Cola, particularly in tackling plastics pollution from a cultural, educational, creative and artistic point of view.

The partnership between UNESCO and Coca Cola, in conjunction with a variety of interventions in scientific research and policy development by the UN in Viet Nam, focuses on raising community awareness and encouraging creative ideas in reducing plastics and solid waste.

Within this partnership framework, UNESCO and Coca Cola will launch the Art of Recycle Awards that will call for creative talents in developing artworks using recycled materials. The Award will be opened for all individuals or groups of Vietnamese citizens aged 15 years old and above. There are two award categories including one targeting accomplished artists and the other for students and communities. Participants are encouraged to propose ideas for artistic projects and outdoor display designs to reuse single use plastic and aluminum waste. Apart from the issuing of specific awards, the programme will provide financial support for the implementation of the best ideas, with a maximum amount of 100 million Vietnam dong.

Also in this joint commitment, UNESCO and Coca Cola will take concrete actions at primary tourism destinations in Viet Nam, including World Heritage sites and coastal communities in practical solutions in reducing and recycling of plastics and other solid waste.

Mr. Michael Croft, Head of UNESCO Ha Noi office, highlighted the innovative approach in addressing environmental issues, “in particular, we see the potential to make art out of waste, and to connect people through creativity and imagination. Waste might just be waste, but it might also be artistic inspirations for artists. At the same time, we harness the power of the art to tell a story, to harness its ability to provoke thought and emotion leading to action. ”

Speaking at the launching event, Mr. Hiroshi Kanazawa - General Manager Coca-Cola Indochina also noted, “every package has value and life beyond its initial use and should be collected and recycled into either a new package or another beneficial use. That is the reason why earlier this year, Coca Cola announced its global “World Without Waste” initiative, which aims to collect and recycle 100% of bottles and cans sold by 2030 through packaging innovation and recycled materials, collection system development and partnerships for positive changes. It is also very important to know that plastic waste management requires a holistic approach that we can see in the commitments and partnerships announced here today. We believe in the strong collaboration and expect to see positive impacts we can offer to local communities through these meaningful programmes”.

In tandem with the project implemented by UNESCO, Coca-Cola’s partnership with British Council drives social entrepreneurship and community engagement through the EKOCENTERs program across Vietnam in the next 2 years, focusing on environmental awareness and waste management, on the following terms. 

Ms Donna McGowan, new Country Director of the British Council in Vietnam shared, “the British Council is one of the leading organizations in Vietnam for the promotion and development of social entrepreneurship and we are delighted to be in this partnership with Coca-Cola, to develop creative, impactful and sustainable waste management approaches for communities across the country. We will draw on our network of Vietnamese and international partners to deliver the project, as well as from our in-depth understanding of the needs of communities across the country. We also have developed a range of approaches, methodologies and curriculums that will be adapted for the needs and contexts of the EKOCENTER and surrounding communities.

These newly signed partnerships see a wide array of educational programs, creativity activities and contests as well as strong communications with public and authorized organizations in fostering the awareness and actions for plastic waste management. They also demonstrate for the strong commitment and collaboration between Coca-Cola and partners in tackling the challenges of Vietnam in boosting public awareness for plastic waste collection, segregation and recycling for shared value in circular economy, serving for the new positives changes in plastic waste management prospective.


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Tran Thuy, Culture Programme Officer, UNESCO Ha Noi

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