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Ha Noi, 16 January - Until April 2014 the Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology (VNE) hosts the exhibition "As We Grow Up". This section highlights some of the visitors to the exhibition until today. 


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Who has visited "As We Grow Up" so far?

©UNESCO / Vu Thanh Koong: Mr. Tran Quang Quy, Vice Minister of MOET and Mdme, Dang Thi Bich Lien, Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the exhibition.

©UNESCO / /Vu Thanh Koong: Ms. Pratibha Mehta, UN Resident Coordinator, together with Ms. Katherine Muller-Marine, UNESCO representative in Viet Nam and Mr. Arthur Erken, UNFPA representative in Viet Nam at the exhibition.

©UNESCO / Vu Thanh Koong. Ms. Pratibha Mehta together with Mr. Duong Van An at the message corner.

© UNESCO/Vu Thanh Koong: Ms. Pratibha Mehta together with Mr. Duong Van An at the message corner, sticking the leaves and fruit for the safe sex tree.

©UNESCO/Vu Thanh Koong. Ms. Katherine Muller-Marin with students volunteers.

©UNESCO / Vu Thanh Koong. UN Resident Coordinator Ms. Pratibha Mehta exchanged with students at the exhibition.

© UN Communications Team / Doan Bao Chau. Ms. UN Helen Clark at Puberty Section, playing the Mood Wheel game.

© UN Communications Team / Doan Bao Chau. A moment at Gender diversity section with the message “Respect diversity”.

©UNESCO // Akira Nishiyama. The interactive session was a part of the “As We Grow Up” exhibition at Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology.

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