25.04.2010 - UNESCO Office in Ha Noi

Ca Mau recieves biosphere reserve certification

Ca Mau, 25 April 2010 -- UNESCO Representative to Viet Nam, Katherine Muller-Marin, announced the designation of Mũi Cà Mau as part of the World Network of biosphere reserves. This important network is dedicated to finding ways to preserve the Earth’s key ecosystems through scientific research and management practices that enable a balanced relationship between man and nature.

Mũi Cà Mau’s nomination file was reviewed by an independent International Advisory Committee to confirm that it possessed the capacity and commitment to contribute to conservation, to foster development that is economically, socially, culturally, and ecologically sustainable, and to host training, research, and monitoring on conservation and sustainable development at local and international levels.

Mũi Cà Mau is important not only to Viet Nam’s development, but to the country’s regional and global ecosystem. The area contains the largest mangrove forest in Viet Nam, capable of improving regional climate by reducing temperature fluctuations, impact of storms, and wind and sea level rise, as well as regulating rain, and mitigating environmental pollution. Additionally, the Melaleuca Forest of U Minh Hạ has a rich biodiversity and also serves as a carbon sink to absorb green house gases.

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