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Developing Signature Products and Craft Village Tourism in Quang Nam

© UNESCO / Signature craft products in Craft Link Bazaar

© UNESCO / Signature craft display in Hoi An Tourism Information Centre

Hoi An, 12 March 2014 - The Project Completion Workshop on “Development of Signature Products and Craft Village Tourism in Quang Nam Province” was co-organized by Quang Nam People’s Committee and UNESCO office in Vietnam on 12 March 2014 at Hoi An Historic Hotel, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. Participants of the Workshop are officials from provincial and local government agencies, representatives of the cooperatives union, craft villages and hospitality enterprises with strong commitment to support the craft sector in Quang Nam.

Funded by Korean Funds-In-Trust through the coordination of UNESCO in Viet Nam, the project was launched in February 2012 aiming to support craft villages in Quang Nam, notably those nearby the Hoi An and My Son World Heritage sites, to reorient production to meet the increasing demand of visitors to these sites while strengthening their cultural values. Within the limited scope of funding and timeframe of this particular project, the attention was given to the issues of product development and branding, which were identified as most critical in the craft situation in Quang Nam.

So far, the project has delivered encouraging initial results. Under the implementation of the first component, 238 craft households/businesses were surveyed and the situation analysis revealed important information about the craft sector of the province, particularly the concept of designing and packaging to add values to traditional products. The second component involves three successive training workshops on product development, merchandise presentation & promotional strategies and business management for craftsmen/craft households in the region. More than 30 new sets of signature products representing cultural values of the region and responding to market demands have also been successfully developed.

Another achievement of the project is the joint branding “Crafted in Quang Nam” along with 02 new brand, logos and packaging sets for Kim Bong wood carving and Thanh Ha pottery villages, as well as signature craft displays in Gift shops at Hoi An TIC, My Son site museum. Additionally, more than 2,000 complimentary packaging boxes and a set of communication materials such as leaflets and posters have been produced and offered to craft villages.

“I would like to note a significant strength of this project is the close collaboration between government agencies, UN agencies, civil society and private sector. Through this collaboration, we have been able to pull together our limited resources for greater impacts”, said Ms. Katherine Muller-Marin, Head of UNESCO office in Vietnam.

As the project has been wrapped up, local producers are strongly encouraged by immediate decisions which were made by provincial authorities and private sector at the workshop. With positive appreciation of the newly developed craft products, the provincial government decided to order and use these new products for the official souvenirs in its future activities. Five leading hotel companies and tour operators also committed and booked working sessions with craft producers to open the sales units at their locations. Following this, Hoi An Department of Economics proposed UNESCO to provide the full sets of design and specification catalogues for the expansion of trainings and replicate the good practice in product development to the remaining craft producers in and around Hoi An.

As a result of the workshop, the Provincial leaders also instructed the follow up activities to sustain positive outcomes of the project, notably the management scheme of the new branding and a proposal concerning the establishment of a local Design Centre to support craft villages in the future.

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