27.02.2017 - UNESCO Office in Hanoi

Education, Museum and Media Officers lead planning of action plans and communication campaigns promoting Gender Equality


Thach That, 23-24 February 2017 – Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM), National Institute of Education Management and Voice of Vietnam (VOV) addressed gender issues in planning and management during a training workshop led by UNESCO Ha Noi. The training which comprised of 6 major sessions resulted in the development of action plans, communication campaigns and analyses of legal documents and policies using gender lens.

While Viet Nam has made significant progress in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, gender related issues remain prevalent. They are exhibited by instances of violence against girls and women, the persistence of male preference, and girls and women in remote and ethnic minority areas being bound by practices that limit their access to educational opportunities.

In an effort to address gender inequality, the 2-day training in Thach That provided participants with not only fundamental knowledge of gender equality but also useful skills and tools for the analysis and development of progressive gender equality actions for the Education Sector, Museums and Media agencies.

With the leadership of UNESCO’s Education Team, the training was attended by 20 MOET officials, VWM staff, and VOV members. Participatory discussions and presentations of major gender gaps and obstacles were a significant part of the workshop agenda.

To ensure clear and accurate understanding of gender concepts, examples of gender stereotypes, biases and discrimination were presented through the show of commercial advertisements on mass media and samples of general education textbooks. With real-life illustrations of gender disparities within schools and the wider community, participants realized the serious implications of gender inequality on girls’ and womens’ access to education and personal wellbeing.

Highlighting the Officers’ key role in the promotion of gender equality, Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Nhung, UNESCO Gender Programme Manager encouraged participants to “critically monitor and evaluate gender-related practices and norms as they are paramount to Viet Nam’s development, especially within the Education Sector.”

In addition, participants developed examples of results-based action plans to ensure gender integration in legal documents, policies and in all stages of activity planning and implementation. Among the proposed approaches and activities the implementation of gender awareness raising campaigns for the public appeared to be dominant.  

As a result of the training, the MOET, Museum and Media officers will carry forth discussions and plans within their respective departments to bring about practical actions to promote gender equality within their sub-sectors. Additionally, participants will also continue their support and implementation of the MOET and UNESCO’s Joint Initiative on Gender Equality and Girls’ Education through upcoming events.


For more information, please contact Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Nhung, Gender Programme Manager, at tt.nhung(at)unesco.org

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