09.01.2013 - UNESCO Office in Hanoi

Ministry of Education and Training and UNESCO Sign Agreement for 2013 Workplan

9 January, Ha Noi – Today, the Ministry of Education and Training and UNESCO signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) outlining activities to be undertaken jointly between the two agencies in 2013 within the framework of the One Plan 2012-2016 and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Viet Nam and UNESCO for the period 2010-2015.

The primary focus of UNESCO’s work in Viet Nam is to support the country in its aim to build an inclusive, resilient and sustainable learning society. Towards this end, areas in which the Ministry and UNESCO will cooperate include: education for sustainable development, climate change response and disaster risk reduction; education for healthy sexuality; support to education sector planning and policy review; improving management of education and training systems and institutions; strengthening teacher training; innovation of the education system with a learner-centred approach; integration of heritage education into classroom and extra-curricular activities; and continued support to annual national education events, such as Education For All Global Action Week, Teachers’ Day, Literacy Day and Lifelong Learning Week.

The Ministry and UNESCO will also cooperate to develop and seek funding for a number of other initiatives, such as: national literacy assessment and monitoring; training for education managers; information and communication technologies in education; promoting a friendly, violence-free environment in schools; and technical and vocational education and training.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Vinh Hien, highlighted that UNESCO’s contribution to strengthen the education sector in Viet Nam has yielded concrete results which are valued by the Ministry and called for continued teamwork between Ministry and UNESCO staff, recognizing their dedication and commitment. He further recognized the Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO, through the presence of its Secretary-General Pham Cao Phong, for their close support and coordination.

UNESCO Representative to Viet Nam, Katherine Muller-Marin, stressed UNESCO’s role in supporting policy development, emphasizing that “UNESCO’s priorities in 2013 are to support Viet Nam’s education sector renovation especially through exchange of international experiences, policy development and innovative methodologies”.

All activities will contribute to Viet Nam’s Education Development Strategic Plan 2011-2020, the National Framework on Building a Learning Society 2012-2020 and the UNESCO Country Programming Document for Viet Nam 2012-2016.

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