01.11.2012 - UNESCO Office in Ha Noi

New Centre to Promote Climate Change Training and Disaster Risk Reduction Opened in Ha Noi

Ha Noi, 1 November – Today, the Viet Nam National Institute of Education Management (NIEM) and the UNESCO Office in Ha Noi held a ceremony launching the newly established Centre for Research and Training on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.

The Centre, run by NIEM, aims to improve educational management capacities for climate change response and disaster risk mitigation.

Viet Nam is likely to be one of the most significantly impacted countries in the world from climate change, due to its very long coastline, dependence on agriculture and the location of a large percentage of the country’s population in low-lying coastal zones. It has been identified as one of the top nations already vulnerable to natural hazards like drought and storms. To address these challenges, strategies for disaster prevention and mitigation on a large scale in general, and for the education sector in particular, are extremely important for Viet Nam.

In September 2011, MOET adopted its Action Plan to implement the National Strategy for Natural Disaster Prevention, Response and Mitigation 2011-2020, acknowledging and aiming to tackle both the impacts of climate change and disasters on the education sector and the important role education can play in mitigating these risks.

NIEM is well-known and highly recognized within the Viet Nam education system as the only public institution mandated by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to deliver trainings to education sector managers and school principals at all levels. The Institute, with support of UNESCO, has already conducted several management trainings for MOET senior officials and for provincial senior education managers, including one on the role of education policymakers in disaster risk reduction.

Within this framework, NIEM and the Centre will focus on research and training efforts to provide targeted training to education managers, university students and school principals in the area of climate change and disaster risk reduction. 

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