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Quang Nam approves new strategy to integrate culture, tourism and sustainable development

©UNESCOParticipants of the steering committee workshop in Hoi An, where the project team presented the final strategy and invited a final round of comments from stakeholders.

Hoi An, April 28, 2011 – The Quang Nam People’s Committee officially approved a new integrated culture and tourism strategy that will aim to ensure the sustainable development of the province’s culture and tourism sector through 2020.

This new strategy was developed by the QNPC with the support of UNESCO and is the key result of a One Plan funded project that began in 2009. The strategy contains specific activities and defined timelines that aim to ensure the sustainability of Quang Nam’s culture-tourism sector, including the protection of cultural and natural resources, increasing local communities’ benefits from tourism and diversifying provincial tourism products. Attached as annexes are three visitor management plans for the Hoi An and My Son World Heritage Sites and the Cham Island Biosphere Reserve that were developed in tandem with the strategy.

The strategy and plans were developed using Public Use Planning methodology, an approach designed by the Sustainable Tourism Programme at UNESCO’s World Heritage Center that produces management plans through a participatory development process that includes consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including government, private sector and local communities. Lessons learned and experience gained during the strategy development process have provided inputs for the provincial authorities to reconsider their tourism development target and to change their goal from a quantity-based tourism growth to quality-based tourism growth.

Activities in the strategy are grouped into nine areas which address the province’s sustainable development: Heritage sustainability; Community engagement and participation; Environmental sustainability; Lack of product differentiation, improving quality; Cultural tourism marketing and promotion; Information provision and interpretation; Stake holder coordination; Human resources; Beach and marine area planning and development.

Quang Nam will officially launch the strategy in a workshop in May. In the remainder of 2011, UNESCO will continue to support the province to implement top priority actions set out in the strategy in the areas of heritage conservation and sustainable tourism development. Several international organizations have also committed to support the Province to implement key activities from the strategy.

During 2011, the successful lessons of the Quang Nam project and the Public Use Planning methodology will also be shared at the national level.

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