06.10.2011 - UNESCO Office in Ha Noi

UNESCO assists Viet Nam in updating its communications curricula


Ha Noi, 6 October – UNESCO and the Ministry of Information and Communications organized a workshop to share recommended curricula for Viet Nam’s National University of Information and Communications (NUIC), to be established in the coming years. In the last 20 years, Viet Nam’s media landscape has expanded rapidly in terms of platforms, publications, journalists and audience.

This development brings increased pressure for Viet Nam to raise the quality of its communication and information sector to meet international standards and to provide training capable of producing media professionals equipped to meet growing demands.

Recognizing the importance of the communication and information field to socio-economic progress, the Government of Viet Nam approved the establishment of a new training facility in Ha Noi – NUIC – to be managed by the Ministry of Information and Communications. NUIC will aim to provide industry-focused training and demand-driven education for future professionals.

The development of a set of draft curricula is one of the preconditions for the establishment of NUIC, which has received initial approval from the Prime Minister in 2008. UNESCO has supported MIC by revising the draft curricula to include international best practices from its Model Curricula for Journalism Education and the International Programme for the Development of Communication’s Media Development Indicators. This marks an important step towards the establishment of NUIC and enhancing the quality of media training in Viet Nam.

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