30.09.2013 - UNESCO Office in Ha Noi

UNESCO-IIEP equips teams in Viet Nam with new skills to manage the education systems of tomorrow


Ha Noi, 30 September 2013 – The training programme organized by UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) was celebrated for its today in a graduation ceremony. Launched in June 2012 – implemented in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Education and sponsored by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation – the Education Sector Planning (ESP) programme was delivered in partnership with six renowned national training institutions in Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Over the past 11 months, Vietnamese education authorities have been undertaking the programme, designed to strengthen their skills for development of effective educational policies and plans. Programme participants also gained greater understanding of how to expand post-basic education and improve educational quality while maintaining its relevance for both the labour market and everyday life. Participants included senior and middle-ranking officials from Viet Nam’s Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), provincial education and training offices and the National Institute of Education Management in Ha Noi, the primary institute in Viet Nam responsible for the training of education managers, and the Institute of Education Management in Ho Chi Minh City (IEMH).

The programme outcomes are very encouraging, with most participants already applying what they learned in their daily work. Employers confirmed that the training had a positive impact on the participants’ professional behaviour and skills. They also expressed the desire that this kind of training be repeated in the future, saying it would highly benefit other employees within their organization.

NIEM and IEMH plan to make use of the Education Sector Planning modules by creating further training courses on Education Planning Management for more education officials to undertake in Viet Nam. “We benefit a lot from the ESP programme for our work as education managers”, said Ms. Ton Thi Tam, participant of the ESP programme from the Ethnic Minority Education Department  of MOET, speaking at today’s ceremony at NIEM on behalf of the participants. In his remarks, Programme Coordinator for IEMH, Mr. Tran Phuoc Linh, highlighted “the ESP programme has been a very good reference for us to adapt our current courses which we are currently providing for administrators at school levels”.

Vice Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Vinh Hien, in his closing remarks, thanked UNESCO and J.P. Morgan for this important initiative and noted it is well aligned with one of two breakthroughs in the radical and comprehensive renovation of education and training in the country, which are strong development of quality teaching personnel and renovation of educational management with central emphasis on educational managers. He also encouraged participants to apply and optimize what they have learned during this course in their daily work and to transfer the valuable knowledge and skills to their peers.

The successful initiative benefited from a tripartite public–private partnership: IIEP-UNESCO contributed with its worldwide expertise in educational planning and management; the University of Hong’s Kong Faculty of Education provided regional knowledge; and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, by its generous funding, allowed theproject to become a reality.

To learn more about the programme: http://esp3asia.wordpress.com

Press contact for UNESCO Viet Nam:

Nguyet Hoang Minh, hm.nguyet(at)unesco.org


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