Access to Information

To be able to build knowledge societies and achieve sustainable development, it is vital that information is easily accessible by the public. Access to information is fundamental to the social and economic development of Viet Nam. It grants individuals of limited opportunities the chance to integrate further into society and create a better future for themselves.

UNESCO firmly believes that greater access to information is fundamental to creating a multilingual and cultural cyberspace. Which is why, in 2003; a global framework of recommendation on the promotion and use of multilingualism and universal access to cyberspace was released as a means to guide member states and international organizations towards a more open policy on access to information.

For over 15 years UNESCO has focused on providing the people of Viet Nam with greater access to information. To date, there have been encouraging signs that Viet Nam is moving towards a more open society. 2016 marked a particularly memorable year for Viet Nam in facilitating greater access to information due to its active involvement in the inaugural International Day for Universal Access to Information, promoting digitial multilingual communication and Media and Information Literacy (MIL). Further efforts could be seen in Viet Nam‘s approval of the Access to Information Law which officially recognizes the public’s right to information.

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