Promoting Freedom of Expression

With the goal of developing legislation that will meet the future development challenges of Viet Nam’s CI sector, the Ministry of Education requested that UNESCO provide technical advice on international standards and best practices to the national drafting committee responsible for amending the country’s current Press Law.

Program implementation began with the translation of seven UNESCO publications on media law studies and resources:

In early 2011, UNESCO Viet Nam contracted two international consultants who have begun to review national and international multimedia communications and IT legislation while working closely with MIC. In addition, both sides agreed to organize a workshop, to be held in September, to share the findings of the legislative review, attended by MIC staff and stakeholders in the sector.

To date, 65 per cent of national media, information and communication legislation and draft curricula of NUIC were translated into English and shared with consultants, including the Law on Information Technology and the Government Decree on the Management, Provision and use of Internet Services and Electronic Information on the Internet.

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