Memory of the World

©Center for Scientific and Cultural activities Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam / Nguyen Van Tu

Viet Nam’s rich and unique history stretches back more than 4000 years and the keys to the country’s culture can be discovered in a wide range of preserved documents and artifacts. Unfortunately, the safeguarding of this heritage is threatened by a number of natural and human factors. To address this issue, UNESCO established its Memory of the World Programme in 1992 with the aim of preserving and digitizing humanity's documentary heritage.

In this programme, UNESCO is working with the State Records and Archives Management Department (ARAM) to design institutional strategies to digitally preserve Viet Nam’s MOW such as the Woodblocks of the Nguyễn Dynasty and the Stone Steles of the Temple of Literature in Hanoi.

The programme will establish a digitization center and begin to build a digital archive of heritage. Additionally, a MOW website will be launched that will allow the public to access digitally archived heritage, thereby increasing access to information and raising awareness on the importance of preservation for sustainable development.

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