Balancing Preservation and Modernization

In order to assist the government to implement its National Strategy for Cultural Development 2010 – 2020, in 2010 UNESCO Ha Noi produced a framework which outlines possible ways to support the government to: i) mainstream culture and cultural diversity in programmes and development interventions and ii) strengthen implementation of international agreements on culture and cultural rights. In addition, line ministries, civil society and UN staff were trained to apply a ‘Cultural Diversity Programming Lens’ to programme planning, implementation and evaluation.

In 2011, UNESCO will continue its support of the National Strategy by researching and recommending international approaches that will compliment and strengthen policy implementation. As a result of this project, it is expected that policy makers from MOCST will be able to gain a better understanding of current challenges and new approaches that Viet Nam might take in its efforts to balance heritage conservation with modernization.

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