With a primary emphasis on education, UNESCO believes that quality teachers are key to sustainable development as laid out within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Their training, recruitment, retention, status and working conditions are areas that require priority status.

The world continues to experience a perpetuating cycle of teacher shortages, with over 25 million qualified teachers required to achieve universal primary education by 2030. In line with this, the Education 2030 Framework for Action seeks to motivate and empower teachers to lead the way towards a new era of sustainability.

Whilst Viet Nam has enjoyed increasing teaching rates in recent years, it is vital that those teachers are adequately supported and their rights are respected. Moreover, the development of Vietnamese teachers requires access to continuous professional learning opportunities that support teachers’ own knowledge and capacities throughout their careers.

UNESCO works closely with the Government and development partners to empower teachers and support them to make positive and long-lasting change.

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