education for all

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Over the last decade, UNESCO’s support to Viet Nam’s education sector has encompassed the entire education landscape, from primary and secondary through higher education, including both formal and informal education.

Impressive progress has been made in terms of access to education, with net enrolment in primary education over 96%. As such, focus is now shifting toward the remaining unreached 4% and toward improving the quality of education, at all levels and all forms.

With this in mind, UNESCO’s programming continues to develop the tools, capacities and policies to address the following key priority areas in Viet Nam's education sector:

  • Increase opportunities for access to quality education at all levels, especially for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
  • Improve education quality to meet international standards and national goals
  • Strengthen management systems at all levels to deliver quality education for all

In its frameworks for socio-economic development, the SEDP 2011 - 2015 and SEDS 2011 - 2020, the Government of Viet Nam has continued to recognize education as a driving force in the country’s sustainable development, industrialization and modernization. UNESCO Viet Nam is working closely with UN agencies and development partners to address these issues across the education spectrum while reinforcing its mandate to build a sustainable world with just societies that value knowledge, promote peace, celebrate diversity and defend human rights.

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