Fostering Freedom of Expression

Since 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has set a global standard for our right to freedom of opinion and expression. In the years that followed, we have witnessed numerous shifts in our own ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. Most recently, the unprecedented rise of social media has provided a global platform, enabling many of us to express opinions and information.

Yet, in the 21st Century, the right to freedom of expression is a liberty to which countless men, women and children across the world are denied access. By fostering an environment that promotes free, independent and pluralistic media in all formats, UNESCO believes that universal freedom of expression can be achieved in a way that encourages independent journalism and brings communities closer together.

This sentiment is particularly true of Viet Nam; for many years the Vietnamese people have endeavoured to achieve the right to freedom of expression against a backdrop of globalization. UNESCO continues to work closely with government bodies and local partners in an effort to foster freedom of expression and empower individuals to become informed producers and consumers of information.

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