Media Pluralism and Diversity

In promoting a pluralistic and diverse media, UNESCO helps to expand the range of information for the public, and particularly for poor people, youth, women, indigenous and hard-to-reach populations.

As well as actively seeking to engage citizens around the world in societal and political discourse, UNESCO also aims to enable people to make conscious choices and articulate considered opinion through media plurality. By allowing individuals to access a diverse range of unbiased reports and publications, empowerment will naturally occur – leading to communities of people equipped with the knowledge to build towards a sustainable future.

Recently, there have been encouraging signs that Viet Nam is engaging in more pluralistic and diverse approaches to journalism. Since 2012, various media outlets across Viet Nam have joined UNESCO in observing World Radio Day through radio, television, internet and print media. In doing so, lines of communication are being opened up with citizens across Viet Nam, particularly ethnic minority groups – enabling them to access information that is more inclusive and diverse in nature.

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