Protecting Our Heritage and Fostering Creativity


©UNESCO / Huynh Ha

In a world of global economic instability and political tension, it is often cultural heritage that bears the biggest losses. Cultural heritage is often overshadowed by the drive for financial security, overlooking the fact that values passed down from generations to generations provide people with a sense of identity and belonging. If cultural heritage is what forms identity, then it is creativity that helps bring people together to create new cultural benchmarks and lay the foundations for knowledgeable pluralistic communities.

The cultural heritage of Viet Nam is noticeable in every facet of life, from ornate and peaceful pagodas and silk paintings to traditional clothing. With a strong emphasis on family values, Vietnamese people take pride in their heritage and cultural identity, allowing them to express themselves in the modern world.

To continue Viet Nam’s growth and sustainable development, it is important that the safeguarding of cultural heritage allows the fostering of creativity which is incorporated into daily-life practices. UNESCO firmly believes these two interdependent spheres of action can inform development pathways for the country, while ensuring contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

That said, sustainable development is as much about financial prosperity as it is about the growth and coming together of people. By fostering cultural identity and cultivating creativity, human development is promoted and inclusive societies are further developed upon the successes of ancestors.

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