Science for Society

©UNESCO / Nguyen Van Hung / Dong Van Geopark

Science plays an integral part in each momentous instance of human breakthrough and innovation. For hundreds of years’ science has allowed societies to live longer and healthier lives, providing medicine to cure diseases, and helping provide basic human needs.

Now, as climates change and environments become less nutritious and stable due to the strain placed upon them, humankind must begin to interact with science in a way that creates global understanding of new arising problems. With societal participation in science, positive steps towards a greener and more sustainable future can be made.

As Viet Nam’s economy continues to grow so too does its issues regarding environmental pollution, natural disasters and rural poverty. Currently Viet Nam is rated as the 23rd most vulnerable country to climate change. Moreover, cities such as Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh are now consistently in the top 10 most polluted in the world.

Since its establishment UNESCO works closely with government departments and local partners to help society become more scientifically literate. Projects have ranged from school-based Disaster Risk Reduction and preparedness trainings to design competitions and public photography projects, all created with the purpose of supporting the people of Viet Nam become more scientifically aware and socially responsible for a sustainable future.

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