24.09.2009 -

Baseline Study to illuminate status of human resources in Zimbabwe's institutions of higher learning

Study to explore extent and effects of brain drain on Higher and Tertiary Education Sector in Zimbabwe.

Within the context of the scoping mission, and ahead of the needs assessment UNESCO Office in Harare, in partnership with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education in Zimbabwe, Association for the Development of Education in Africa Working Group on Education  Policy Support (ADEA WGEPS) have commissioned a consultant to conduct, from  July - September 2009, a Baseline Study on “The Status of Human Resources Training Institutions in Zimbabwe”.

The study seeks to establish the baseline information on the status of human resources training institutions as a sub-sector through the following specific objectives:

  • Examine the broader context (including legal and policy context) within which this sub-sector operates;  
  • Identify all available data, statistics and other information on higher and tertiary education;Collect data, statistics and information where gaps have been observed;
  • Generate status reports, simulations and scenarios on this sub-sector; and
  • Provide recommendations based on the data analysed and simulation models and scenarios generated.

The study is expected to explore the extent and impact of  brain drain in the Higher and Tertiary Education sector.  It is envisaged that findings from this study will be critical in informing the planned needs assessment. The findings are also expected to stimulate policy dialogue among key stakeholders on the recovery and development of the human resource training system in Zimbabwe.

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