13.11.2017 - UNESCO Office in Harare

Development of the Draft Zambian National Teachers’ Standards Framework in Final Stages

The Ministry of General Education in Zambia is making steady progress towards the development of the National Teachers’ Standards Framework aimed at contributing to the professionalization of the teaching profession thereby raising the status of the quality of teachers.  The process of developing teachers’ professional standards is anchored on UNESCO’s CapED programme whose overall aim is to contribute to the development and operationalisation of the teachers’ standards and competences framework in Zambia.

The DFID funded Zambia Education Sector Support and Technical Assistance (ZESSTA) initiated the support for the Framework following the establishment of the National Teacher Standards Steering Committee in November 2016.

UNESCO has partnered with the Zambian Government and ZESSTA to continue this process by supporting several meetings of the Technical Committee, tasked with drafting the Standards Framework. The drafting of the National Framework is in line with the recommendations made by SADC Ministers of Education for the development of the Regional Framework for Teacher Standards.

In terms of the next steps, UNESCO’s Regional Office for Southern Africa in collaboration with the Ministry of General Education and ZESSTA will convene a technical meeting on 14th November 2017 to review and endorse the revised draft national framework for submission to the Steering Committee chaired by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary. This meeting will also provide an opportunity for the review of the current roadmap to ensure that realistic timelines on agreed tasks are considered before national wide consultations are undertaken. Once completed and endorsed by the Steering Committee, the draft framework will be subjected to consultations with different stakeholders to ensure that their concerns are taken on board. These consultations will be supported through UNESCO’S CapED programme. 

For more information, please contact: c.medel-anonuevo(at)unesco.org

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