10.07.2019 - UNESCO Office in Harare

Eswatini initiates TVET Policy Review

Given that their existing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) policy was approved in 2010 and their law on Industrial and Vocational Training (IVT) Act was passed in 1982, the Eswatini Government has embarked on a review of these directives.  With the technical and financial support of UNESCO, the Ministries of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) and Education and Training (MoET) have jointly undertaken a series of activities to support the review.

The first step was to constitute a Task Team from several Ministries who are involved in providing technical and vocational education and training. Aside from the representatives of MoET and MoLSS,  the Ministries of Tinkhundla Administration and Development (MTAD); Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs (MSCYA); and Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) were also represented in the Task Team. The main role of the Task Team was to coordinate the review process involving the broad stakeholder participation as well as ensure the availability of documents and data.

A TVET stakeholders forum was organized on June 25 June 2019 and brought together about 35 persons representing mostly the main ministries, the  TVET providers, as well as employers’ and workers’ associations and development partners like the European Union.

The review results are expected to be finalised by September this year and will be used as the basis for either a new or revised TVET policy.

For more information, please contact: c.medel-anonuevo(at)unesco.org.

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