13.11.2017 - UNESCO Office in Harare

Southern Africa secures strong representation on UNESCO Executive Board

Southern Africa secured strong representation on the Executive Board of UNESCO with the election of Madagascar, Zambia and Zimbabwe on the governing body of the UN agency. South Africa already sits on the Executive Board until 2019.

The Executive Board ensures the overall management of UNESCO. It prepares the work of the General Conference and sees that its decisions are properly implemented. The functions and responsibilities of the Executive Board are derived primarily from the Constitution and from rules or directives laid down by the General Conference.

Madagascar, Zambia and Zimbabwe were voted in Electoral Group V(a) along with Burundi, Equatorial Guinea and Ethiopia and their term of offices runs until 2021.

In Electoral Group I, Finland, Portugal and Turkey were voted in while in Group II, Albania, Belarus and Bulgaria got seats. In Group III, Cuba, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Venezuela were voted in while in Group IV, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Philippines got seats. In Group V(b), the three available seats were taken up by Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.

All 184 UNESCO members who were entitled to vote took part in the polling for members of UNESCO's Governing Board. The Executive Board’s 58 members are elected by the General Conference. The choice of these representatives is largely a matter of the diversity of the cultures they represent, as well as their geographic origin.

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