02.02.2010 -

Strengthening TVET in Malawi: Clarifying roles and responsibilities of TVET stakeholders

UNESCO held a TVET workshop in Malawi to clarify roles and responsibilities of TVET stakeholders from September 3 – 4, 2009.

The key objective of the workshop was to identify all key players in the TVET sub-sector and, through an intensive consultative process, develop a framework that re-defined and clarified their relationships, respective roles and responsibilities, and patterns of interaction in order to maximise the benefits of synergies and associative strength.

This workshop brought together the three key players in government, namely, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; Ministry of Labour, and the Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA) who had key mandates and responsibilities in the provision of TVET or regulation of its provision.  The sessions were facilitated by the Malawi National Commission for UNESCO who very ably identified issues, directed and moderated the discussions, and ensured that the three parties reached binding agreements on their respective roles and responsibilities. Altogether, 27 people participated in the workshop. One officer from UNESCO Harare Cluster Office also participated in the discussions.

In a no-holds barred discussion, the three parties reviewed their current roles and responsibilities within the existing legal and policy framework and institutional structures as well as their relationships and patterns of interaction. They also identified gaps and overlaps in roles and responsibilities in TVET. By the end of the workshop, they had developed and agreed upon a new, comprehensive framework for the coordination of all TVET stakeholders, together with a mechanism for such coordination.

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