13.12.2010 - UNESCO Office in Harare

UNESCO supports capacity building of teachers in Botswana

© UNESCO / Rosalina MapongaTeachers illustrate during capacity building training.

UNESCO supports capacity building of teachers in the Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet)

UNESCO Harare Office supported an ASPnet training workshop in Mogoditshane, Botswana from 17 – 19 August 2010.

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) through the Botswana National Commission and in collaboration with the Namibia National Commission for UNESCO. APSNET is a UNESCO initiative established in 1953 to promote UNESCO’s ideas of peace, sustainable development, international cooperation and understanding.

The ASPnet has been identified as a useful tool that could be used for the development and promotion of good practices. The main objectives of the training were to:

  • re-sensitise participants about the ASPnet mandate; its mission and goals; motivate and empower participants to contribute towards effective participation and involvement of schools;
  • enhance participation; knowledge and skills to integrate principles, values and practices of ASPnet as well as sustainable development in teaching and learning;
  • assist participants to develop action plans and share good practices from the Namibian experience.

Guidelines on how to organize an ASPnet Camp and practical sessions for activities like making paper bricks and gel candles were also included in the 3 day workshop.

The Director of Ceremony, Ms. Mmanane Kelemang (Secretary General, Botswana National Commission for UNESCO), emphasized that, in addition to promoting the exchange of ideas, the other objective of the training was to ensure that ASPnet adds value to schools and ultimately contributes to UNESCO’s global efforts in education and other international commitments.

She also re-iterated the need of ASPnets not be viewed in isolation, but as a programme that complements and enhance exsiting programmes. She also advocated for commitment from school coordinators, teachers, school management teams and regional leaders to ensure success for the APSnet.

There was a total of 30 participants comprising 24 teachers from 12 schools and 6 officers from MoESD.

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