31.01.2013 - UNESCO Havana / Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean

Filming continues for a video clip on the cultural diversity of Cuba

© UNESCO Havana. Joseph Ros, the director of the video clip, filming a person of Yucatec ancestry in the municipality of Madruga.

Under the auspices of UNESCO and with its support, and with the cooperation of a range of Cuban institutions and the embassies of Britain, Norway, Spain and France in Cuba, filming continues for a new video clip by Eme Alfonso, Pedro Luis Ferrer and Joseph Ros, in relation to the cultural diversity of Cuba.

In the first phase of filming, which was recently concluded, they visited and filmed members of a community of Yucatec ancestry who live in the municipality of Madruga (Mayabeque), the Yoruba Cabildos of Christ and Santa Bárbara (religious assemblies of African origin), the Congo population in Santa Isabel de las Lajas (in Cienfuegos province), the Chinese inhabitants of Centro Habana, and others.

They have also filmed local events like the Colla Matancera and the traditional Salida del Cabildo in Havana, and profiled their participants. The Colla Matancera is a pilgrimage in honour of the Virgin of Monserrate which is held in Matanzas, and features the participation of groups from Spain, including people of Catalan, Gallician and Asturian ancestry. The Salida del Cabildo is dedicated this year to the Abakuá society, and its participants include Abakuá and Yoruba people.

The second phase of filming is now beginning, with the support of many communities and societies which have demonstrated their interest by participating in the project. This makes plain their intention to be recognised by the rest of Cuban society and to disseminate their values and traditions, as one of the members of the film crew said.

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