Data and Indicators Working Group



To help guide the IATT and member organizations on methods and instruments to measure the impact of education sector programs on HIV and AIDS.

Working Group Tasks

  • Identify key questions to be addressed by the education sector that demonstrate meaningful impact on indicators of key importance to the health sector (for example, impact on behaviour change that reduces vulnerability to HIV and AIDS, or improved knowledge about access to services;
  • Identify key indicators that provide meaningful measure of progress on identified questions;
  • Identify exemplary models of tools, questionnaires, processes that have effectively measured progress on identified indicators in education programs;
  • Provide realistic and user friendly guidance on setting targets;
  • Provide user friendly guidance on linking processes and instruments with other impact assessments in education (curriculum referenced testing, etc.).

Improving Research Quality: Expanding the evidence base on the impact of education on HIV and AIDS

Global Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Implementing the Global M&E Framework in East and Southern Africa


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