IATT Symposium: Social norms and collective behaviour

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The IATT International Symposium on Social norms and collective behaviour: How education needs to transform to better contribute to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support? took place in New York on 26 May 2010.

Organized and hosted by UNICEF, the Symposium was convened by the IATT on Education and preceded the internal IATT meeting, held on 27-28 May 2010.


The Symposium was facilitated by Andres Guerrero, UNICEF, and included presentations by Francesca Moneti, UNICEF, Nelly Stromquist, University of Maryland, Dean Peacock and Donald Ambe, Sonke Gender Justice Network. It was attended by approximately 50 participants, including members of the IATT on Education, as well as development partner colleagues working on the intersection of HIV and AIDS and education.

Through plenary and panel presentations and discussions as well as working groups, the Symposium enabled the participants to:

  • exchange views and experiences on social norms and collective behaviours, and their impact on both driving and preventing HIV epidemics for males and females;
  • share experiences on how to align education sector responses with governments, schools, families and community services, considering both specific and broader issues with regard to HIV and AIDS prevention and protection;
  • review the evidence documented by South and East African Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ) concerning pupils’ and teachers’ levels of knowledge of specific and broader issues of HIV and AIDS; and
  • develop recommendations for education strategies for HIV prevention and mitigation that include consideration of social norms and rights.

    Click here to access and download the full report of the Symposium.






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