Educator Training and Support


The following are key aspects of educator training and support:

  • Pre- and in-service programmes for teachers and support for non-formal educators;
  • Deepening educators’ technical knowledge on HIV and AIDS, confidence and experiences in interactive and participatory learning methodologies;
  • Addressing educators’ own vulnerabilities to HIV infection and the impact of HIV and AIDS;
  • Complemented by appropriate learning and teaching materials and aids;
  • Reinforced through supervision, peer coaching and mentoring by experienced teachers;
  • Involving communities to share knowledge, build support and encourage dialogue; and
  • Support for HIV-positive educators through teachers’ unions and positive teacher networks.

Download EDUCAIDS implementation support tools related to educator training and support

Technical Briefs (pdf format)

  • Educator training on HIV and AIDS
    (EN, FR, SP, CH, RU, AR, PT)
  • Creating supportive environments for teachers in the context of HIV and AIDS
    (EN, FR, SP, CH, RU, AR, PT)
  • Psychosocial support for students affected or infected by HIV
    (EN, FR, SP, CH, RU, AR, PT)
  • Strengthening school and community linkages
    (EN, FR, SP, CH, RU, AR, PT)

Overview of Practical Resources

  • Annotated bibliography of key resources (pdf format)
    (EN, FR, PT, SP, CH, RU, AR)

Click here to access the full set of EDUCAIDS Technical Briefs and Overviews of Practical Resources for all five components.

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