Chapter 1 – Getting Started: Planning Your Support to EDUCAIDS Implementation

This chapter discusses why the education sector is essential to the response to HIV and AIDS. It explains clearly what a comprehensive education sector response to HIV and AIDS means according to the EDUCAIDS Framework, and what the various components are depending on different epidemiological contexts. It provides tips for ‘getting started’ and identifying priorities for UNESCO support at country level. It is particularly useful for those who start work on HIV and AIDS in a new country.

How can I use Chapter 1?

  • To help identify key stakeholders and partners I will work with
  • To help organize a rapid assessment of the education sector response to HIV and AIDS
  • To develop a work plan for the first few months in my new job
  • To help me set priorities in terms of the support UNESCO will provide at country level and explain those priorities to partners
  • To ensure that my rapid assessment of the situation is gender responsive
  • To ensure that my work takes into consideration the needs of key populations


Download Chapter 1 – Getting Started: Planning your Support to EDUCAIDS Implementation

Download Annex 1A - Tool for conducting rapid assessments of education sector responses to AIDS

Download Annex 1B - Prioritizing needs and developing a work plan for the technical support provided by UNESCO in collaboration with other stakeholders supporting EDUCAIDS implementation

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