Positive Learning: Meeting the needs of young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) in the education sector

Young people living with HIV are experiencing stigma, discrimination and challenges in balancing their health and treatment needs with their education attendance.

GNP+ and UNESCO collaborated to identify and document the needs of learners living with HIV and develop a set of recommendations for action. The recommendations are simple, practical and feasible, and are intended to give guidance to educators, policy- and decision-makers as well as activists and professionals working with young people to enable YPLHIV to realise their personal, social and educational potential.


Youth Initiative on HIV & AIDS and Human Rights

The initiative adopts a participatory approach working with young people and vulnerable groups, and it focuses on HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

Launched jointly in 1999 by UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences Sector and UNAIDS, the Initiative is based mainly on the participatory approach, young people involvement and human rights approach to HIV and AIDS.

Activities focus on:

  • Consultations/needs assessments with youth organizations;
  • Elaboration of youth friendly IEC and resource materials on HIV & AIDS and Human Rights; and
  • Training and capacity building of youth organizations on human rights and HIV & AIDS.

Some examples of young people-led activities carried out under the Youth Initiative are:

  • Training Imams to confront Discrimination, Bangladesh;
  • Mobilising Communities against Stigma, Malawi;
  • Advocating tolerance over the radio waves, Zambia

Young People in Action Kit: HIV & AIDS and Human Rights

The HIV & AIDS and Human Rights kit provides ideas for youth action. It has been prepared in close consultation with young people from various youth organizations, in particular, with students from the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association and from the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation.

Listening to Youth Project

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