01.12.2011 - Education Sector

Audiovisual HIV & AIDS teaching tools build confidence in the classroom

A teacher in Georgetown, Guyana.

A documentary movie gathering examples on how to speak about HIV and AIDS and related themes is being launched on World AIDS Day (1 December 2011) in Guyana to support teachers in acquiring the skills and confidence to address sensitive issues in the classroom. Developed by the International Bureau of Education, the film provides concrete examples of pedagogical approaches that go beyond the many academic and theoretical resources available to teachers to address the interactive and participative nature of teaching about HIV and AIDS.

Many teachers are highly motivated, but need practical examples of how to speak about sensitive issues like HIV and AIDS, and manage interactive and participative dynamics in the classroom. This documentary provides easy access to examples of good quality HIV and sexuality education, and serves as a useful support for current and trainee teachers, trainers and other professionals from the education sector.

The DVD is composed of six modules showing different classroom dynamics and levels. It shows concretely how teachers address HIV and AIDS education in the classroom through different lessons in the Health and Family Life Education curriculum implemented in Guyana. It also gathers teachers’ impressions and feelings regarding HIV and AIDS education delivery and comments from head teachers, school directors, local leaders, parents and experts from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education in Guyana and the IBE.

The sequences were shot in classrooms in Guyana with learners aged five to thirteen and in a teachers’ training classroom. The situations are particularly adapted to the Caribbean context but are also useful in other cultural environments.


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