International Commission for Peace Research

Pursuant to the General Regulations of the Prize, UNESCO set up the International Commission for Peace Research.  The Commission defines and provides guidance on the peace research activities conducted by the Executive Secretariat of the Prize (studies, publications, expert meetings and cooperation with peace centres and foundations).

In order to achieve its objectives, the Commission holds an annual meeting to discuss such important issues as interreligious dialogue; dialogue among civilizations; globalization and its consequences; the impact of the media on cooperation between peoples and between nations; the place of religions in international relations; negotiation strategies in ethnic and regional conflicts; respect for human rights and the promotion of democracy throughout the world.

At the conclusion of its meetings, which are held behind closed doors, the Commission makes recommendations with a view to promoting peace, international cooperation and dialogue among civilizations.



The Commission is composed of eminent figures universally respected for their experience in international relations and their commitment to peace. They are appointed intuitu personae by the Director-General of UNESCO. It is presided over by Mr Mário Soares, President of the Jury and former President of the Portuguese Republic.

  • President: Mário SOARES  (Portugal)
    Former President of the Republic
  • Secretary-General:  Mr Alioune TRAORÉ (UNESCO)



  • Pr François BOUSQUET (France)
    Rector of Saint-Louis of the French in Rome
  • Dr Mustafa CERIĆ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Grand Mufti of Bosnia
    Raisu-l-ulama of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Mr Francisco José FADUL (Guinea-Bissau)
    Former Prime Minister
  • Mr Takashi INOGUCHI (Japan)
    Professor of Political Science, Niigata University (Tokyo)
  • Mr Mohammed Abderrahmane OULD SAÏBOTT (Mauritania)
    Former Ambassador
  • H.E. Mr Javier PÉREZ DE CUÉLLAR (Peru)
    Former Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Mr Jean PING (Gabon)
    Former President of the Commission of the African Union
  • H.R.H. Prince El Hassan bin TALAL (Jordan)
  • Mr Prosper WEIL (France)
    Member of the Académie des Sciences morales et politiques

N.B. The members of the Jury are ex officio members of the International Commission.

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