The Jury

In order to implement the resolution instituting the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize the Director-General called on international public figures who are reputed for their action on behalf of peace in the fields in which they have pursued their careers. Among them are statesmen, scholars, jurists, diplomats and human rights activists who have distinguished themselves through their attachment to the ideals of the United Nations Charter and the Constitution of UNESCO and who have agreed to give the Prize the benefit of their knowledge and prestige.



Vigdís FINNBOGADÓTTIR  (Iceland)
Former President of the Republic

Joaquim CHISSANO (Mozambique)
Former President of the Republic

Adolfo PÉREZ ESQUIVEL (Argentina)
President of the International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples
Nobel Peace Prize

Iba Der THIAM  (Senegal)
University Professor

Christian de BOISSIEU (France)
University Professor
Former Chair of the Prime minister’s Economic Analysis Council

Driss BENSARI (Morocco)
University Professor

Carlos de SOUZA-GOMES (Brasil)


N.B. Dr Henry Kissinger chaired the Jury since its inception in 1989. He was succeded by Mr Mário Soares in 2010.

The following deceased personalities were also members of the Jury:

  • Mohammed Hassan El-Zayyat (Egypt) - (1915-1993)
    Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Abdus Salam (Pakistan) - (1926-1996)
    Nobel Prizewinner in 1979 ; Founder in 1964 of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (Italy).
  • Misael Pastrana Borrero (Colombia) - (1923-1997)
    Former President of the Republic of Colombia.
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Canada) - (1919-2000)
    Former Prime Minister.
  • Jean Foyer (France) - (1921-2008)
    Former Minister of Justice.
  • Andréas Ådahl (Sweden) - (1938 – 2009)
    Former Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden.
  • Mário SOARES  (Portugal) - (1924 - 2017)
    Former President of the Republic
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