This page is designed to provide basic information on UNESCO procurement and to answer the questions of potential vendors (i.e. companies/entities) seeking registration and Business Opportunities with UNESCO.

If you are an Individual Consultant, please go to the Consultant Roster to register your CV in order to be considered for potential consultancy work with UNESCO.

To view Requests for Proposal issued by UNESCO Iraq Office, please go to the end of this page.

  • Major Procurement Requirements :

UNESCO procures goods, works and services at estimated USD 250 Million per year. An estimated 70 % of the total procurement expenditures are related to acquisition of professional services.

In addition to the requirements for the implementation of the programmed activities under the main themes of Education, Natural Sciences, Social & Human Sciences, Culture, Communication & Information, UNESCO requires goods, works and services for general administration including Information Technology, Building Maintenance & Renovations as well as Conferences, Languages & Documents Services. Please also refer to UNESCO Worldwide, a section presenting the main activities of the Organization country by country.

  • Vendor Registrations :

If your company/entity provides goods, works or services of interest to UNESCO and complies with UN procurement policies, you are invited to register your company as a potential supplier with UNESCO via the United Nations Global Marketplace UNGM website.

Although registration on UNGM does not automatically guarantee receipt of any enquiries or tender documents from UNESCO, it is an important procurement tool for UNESCO staff looking for potential new suppliers.

UN Global Marketplace

  • Procurement Policies :

UNESCO follows the Common Guidelines for Procurement by Organizations in the UN System. The selection process for contractors is governed by the principles of economy, effectiveness, competition and transparency.

United Nation System General Business Guide (PDF file - 139 pages - 1,1 mo).

  • Business Opportunities :

UNESCO procurement needs and requirements of an estimated value of USD 100,000 and above are announced on the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM). Please select “Procurement Notices” under “Notices” and type “UNESCO” under “agency abbreviation starts with”.

United Nations Global Marketplace: Procurement notice.


  • Contract Awards :

All UNESCO contractual arrangements are subject to UNESCO Financial Rules and Regulations and its Administrative Manual.


  Requests for Proposal (RFPs/RFQs)issued by UNESCO Iraq Office

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) would like to invite qualified firms to submit their sealed proposals for:

  1. The provision of onsite security services for UNESCO premises in Erbil (ref:  UNESCO/RFP/14/12)
  2. The provision of onsite janitorial services for UNESCO premises in Erbil (ref: UNESCO/RFP/14/13)

Preference will be given to qualified Companies which can deliver the two services.

Interested firms are kindly invited to request the complete set of solicitation documents at the following email address:


The closing date for these tenders will be: 13 December, 2014


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) would like to invite qualified firms to submit their sealed proposals for:

Call for proposal from - Analysis of Journalists' Safety in Iraq 

Call for proposal from NGOs Socio-Economic KRG

RFP NGOs Socio-economic_Financial_Proposal_template

Call for proposal from a consultant - Evaluation of the project “Educate a Child Initiative in Iraq” (Phase I)


Security Services in Amman - UNESCO/RFP/14/10

Cleaning Services in Amman - UNESCO/RFP/14/11

Expert NGOs in providing access to quality education for adolescents and young adults in conflict-affected areas in Iraq

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