20.04.2012 - UNESCO Office for Iraq

15 Iraqi Faculty members trained on E-Learning Platform

© UNESCO 2012 /Participants during a training session in Philadelphia University - Jordan last April

Gathering 15 Iraqi faculty members representing Universities from all over the country, UNESCO Iraq office organized a technical training to build the capacity of newly formed teams of Iraqi pedagogical developers of online courses.

Within its efforts to modernize and enhance the quality of higher education in Iraq, UNESCO Iraq Office is holding a series of training workshops to build the capacity of newly formed teams of Iraqi pedagogical developers of online courses.

On 19 April 2012, UNESCO concluded a five day advanced technical training in Philadelphia University –Jordan. This sixth workshop aimed at enhancing participants' skills and knowledge on the Avicenna e-learning platform and its related techniques.

The Workshop gathered 15 Iraqi faculty members representing the 3 Universities of Baghdad, Basra and Salahaddin which have established Avicenna e-learning centers since 2011; as well as the Universities of Kufa and Al-Anbar that have joined the network for further development.

Through five days, faculty members performed advanced training on the recognized Avicenna pedagogical model, and the Moodle course management system built on a free open source software; as well as essential multimedia and authoring tools.

Developing e-learning through Avicenna project is an opportunity for Iraq to rapidly catch up on the many developments of modern course delivery. This project opens up unlimited possibilities of web-based course design and production to ensure high quality and cost-effective education. The produced courses are free to use, modify and redistribute; which will support Iraqi Universities not only to provide higher education for all but also to develop curricula and improve the quality of academic programmes.

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