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50th Anniversary of Sulaymaniyah Museum

© UNESCO IraqAttendees of the Sulaymaniyah Museum's 50th Anniversary Celebrations - 14 July 2011.

On the 14 July 2011, the 50th Anniversary of Sulaymaniyah Museum was held to commemorate the founding of the Museum and the first Director of Sulaymaniyah Museum. It was attended by H.E Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, H.E Dr. Barham Saleh, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), H.E Kawa Shaker, Minister of Culture, H.E Bahroz Mohamed Salih, Governor of Sulaymaniyah, high officials from the KRG and international experts.

Dr. Barham gave a speech where he highlighted the importance of this museum in preserving the cultural heritage of Kurdistan and its valuable informational contribution through introducing new generations to their civilization. Mr. Barham also emphasized the UNESCO role in the development of culture and heritage in Kurdistan and the upgrading of the museums in the Kurdish region, particularly thanking UNESCO for its involvement in the modernization of Sulaymaniyah museum. Furthermore, H.E expressed great gratitude and appreciation to the exceptional work that the Directorate of Sulaymaniyah / Antiquity Department has achieved and moreover, expressed his commitment to supporting Antiquity/culture in all its fields.

UNESCO staff Sami Al-khoja presented a speech on behalf of the Director of the UNESCO Iraq office, Mr. Mohamed Djelid, revealing a future master plan to be implemented under the "Modernizing Sulaymaniyah Museum" project in partnership with the KRG and the European Union and intending to promote the Museum to match the highest international standards.  

A closing award ceremony was held and presented by Mr. Kamal Rashid, Director of Sulaymaniyah Directorate of Antiquity, and Mr. Hashim Hama, Director of Sulaymaniyah Museum, where they presented a Shield to H.E Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq, H.E Dr. Barham Salih, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region and to Mr. Sami Al-Khoja, among others.

The Anniversary was broadcast live on the Kurdsat T.V station.

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